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Heels are "chic" but dangerous when driving!

December 11th 2013 | Auto-tips

Nothing could be more chic than getting out of a car in business suit and high heels for a woman. However, driving in heels is not that easy!

As a result of bad control on speed and switching, pumps may endanger the driver. Women in heels must be careful not to get entrapped in the accelerator pedal or brake. According to a study by the English site confused.com, 40% of the women like to drive wearing their favourite shoes. But it is not based on the data all over the world.

Then what about driving barefoot? It might be common in summer, but is quite uncomfortable and dangerous with the risk of slipping.

Everyone has his own methods depending on his experience and habits. But Autoescape recommends you to prepare a small pair of ballet flats in your bag or car, so that you could drive comfortably and safely!

Photo © Aikon - Fotolia.com

If you drive in the rain, follow our advices to avoid troubles!

December 12th 2013 | Auto-tips

Here are some tips for driving on a wet road that help you keep safe.

1. Regular inspection of your tires
Check the pressure and wear of your tires. If they are worn down, the risk of aquaplaning and loss of control will increase.

2. Slow down
The rain mixed with dust and gas on the road could cause a loss of vehicle control. Reduce your speed to allow the tires better drain off the water.

3. Stop if it rains too heavily
If the rain is heavy, visibility will be greatly reduced and it will be more difficult for drivers to see the edges of the road or other vehicles.

4. Be more vigilant during the first half hour of rain
The first half hour is the time when rain makes the ground slippery.

5. How to control your car if it skids?
Do not brake sharply and do not press hard on the brake even if you have an ABS (Anti-lock Braking System). Apply steady pressure to the brake and turn in the direction of the skid.

6. Safety distances must be respected
Braking distances are about three times longer on wet ground than dry, so you must respect the distances to separate you from the car in the front. And make sure that the soles of your shoes are extremely dry to avoid slipping on the pedals.

7. Dry your brakes after driving through a puddle
If the puddle was so deep that it dampens the disc brakes, press lightly on the brakes to make it dry.

8. Follow the track of cars in front of you, but do not be too close in order to avoid its spray.

9. In cloudy weather, visibility is reduced. Be more vigilant.

10. Eliminate the fatigue of driving.

With the tips, prepare yourself and your car before the trip. Driving in the rain is no longer fearful. Safety first! Auto Escape wishes you a pleasant trip!

Photo © lassedesignen - Fotolia.com

Christmas getaway in Brussels

December 11th 2013 | Roadtrip

Christmas season is approaching and cities have been dressed with lights for the holidays. Looking forward to discovering the festive atmosphere in Brussels? It is the good time to take a trip there with friends, couples or families. From November 29, 2013 to January 5, 2014, the great Brussels market stretches from the Grand Place of Brussels and around the Bourse until the Place of Sainte Catherine and the Place du Marché Fish (Vismet) .

In order to get there, nothing will be simpler than by train or by car, a journey of 1H30 and 3H30 respectively. Once there, walk through the streets, squares to discover the cozy city.

Great weekend getaways filled with fun and excitement:
- 250 chalets, Christmas animations (rides, candy stand...)
- A skating rink of 1050 m2
- Gigantic Christmas tree of 17 meters high
- Light entertainment on the Grand-Place (parades, fireworks, ferris wheel, slalom...)

Brussels is full of gourmet treasures that will appeal to both lovers of sweets and connoisseurs. You might have already heard about the famous Belgian chocolate or the real Gueuze Lambic moules frites in Brussels. Do not forget to taste the caricoles (snails cooed in a spicy soup) or the real Brussles waffle sold in a "waffle hut"!

Drive towards the new adventures! Auto Escape wishes you a pleasant road trip and a great weekend. Do not hesitate to share your plans or good restaurants and bars.

Photo © virginievanos - Fotolia.com